“The Area of Colour”- the retrospective exhibition of my paintings at the City Museum in Zabrze, Galeria Café Silesia, 6.02.2021-14.03.2021

You can visit this exhibition virtually in 7 minutes and 18 seconds in a short film!

At the exhibition “The Area of Colour”, I presented 97 paintings, 152 drawings and sketches, and a triptych – artistic fabric. During the exhibition, I met the audience once a week, where I talked about the methods of creating my paintings, how to perceive abstract painting, how to interpret titles.

What are these paintings? – these are psyche-changing pictures! In favor, of course. They are energetic and positive. Strong and mysterious. They increase self-esteem and vitality, give a chance for power to flourish and a sense of opportunities opening up. You have to go between these paintings, absorb the colors into your subconscious. It’s good to have such a painting in your home :-))